Triad Demand Management Case Study / By Pulse and Plevin

“R Plevin’s efforts saved the company £57,155.45 on their annual electricity spend of £700,000.  This is a 9% saving and was the biggest savings made through demand management between 2016/2017 Triad Demand Management 2016/2017 Case Study By Pulse Business Energy and R Plevin & Sons Ltd In the energy market the busiest time to provide […]

UK Wholesale Gas Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: January 2018 Market Report

Wholesale energy markets ended January 2018 approximately 5% lower though with some price volatility throughout the month. While there was some reasonably bullish news under-pinning both the gas and oil markets in January, this was out-weighed by a healthy UK system because of a good overall supply position. Movements in the structure of the forward […]

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Energy Broker: December 2017 Market Report

Whereas UK’s energy prices were quite volatile during December 2017, particularly for this winter’s delivery, prices ended the month pretty much where they started. As might be expected, market movements were primarily related to changeable weather conditions, though there was some fundamental impact related to short term disruptions to supply in Europe because of the […]

Pulse and NET team at the Energy Awards 2017

Pulse wins the Energy Buying Team of the Year 2017

London, UK (8th December 2017): Pulse Business Energy, part of the Arrow Group, is delighted to announce that it has been named a Winner for the Energy Buying Team of the Year in the Energy Awards 2017. The Energy Awards are the benchmark for quality in the Energy business, celebrating innovation and best practice across […]

UK Wholesale Gas Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: November 2017 Market Report

November 2017 was a reasonably volatile month for wholesale energy prices; markets were firm too, with oil prices rising ~5%, UK power ~10% and gas ~20% over the month. The price volatility was driven by both political, the pending OPEC meeting, and fundamental issues, primarily a colder than normal November, with signs that winter may […]

UK Wholesale Electricity Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: October 2017 Market Report

Wholesale energy prices have generally moved up during October 2017. UK’s gas and electricity annual prices increasing by just under 5% whereas oil prices increased about 10%. Prompt energy markets were volatile, driven primarily by changing short term weather forecasts and forward UK prices trended up, primarily because of stronger oil prices and weaker sterling. […]

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Pulse and Nottingham Trams Nominated for Energy Buying Team of the Year 2017

Pulse along with Nottingham Express Transit (NET) have been nominated for Energy Buying team of the year 2017.   The award is based on Pulse and NET’s energy procurement between 2015 and 2018.   The case study below references the procurement strategy and its evolution over the period.   Managing Director Ben Dhesi commented:  “We are proud to […]

UK Wholesale Gas Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: September 2017 Market Report

Despite a relatively volatile month for oil, and news that some French nuclear plant will be off-line during October at least, forward UK energy prices ended the month at similar price levels to where they started. Throughout the month, UK power and gas prices were also quite volatile with the general nervousness, resulting in a […]