Energy Broker: December 2016 Market Report

Whereas spot/day-ahead prices remained volatile, during December 2016 energy prices in general moved higher though we did see a dip during the first half of the month. In fact, except for nearby power contracts, prices at the end of December 2016 reached contract highs for the year. Also of note is a general shift from […]

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Energy Market Outlook 2017

The key drivers that need to be considered when preparing a macro energy market outlook for the next couple of years include the potential impact of weather, renewable energy production, infrastructure development, supply fundamentals, energy storage, UK’s economic performance and political influences. I will briefly look at each of these in turn and then consider […]

POD Wins prestigious Tech Award at UK Energy Awards.

Leading the way in Tech for the Energy space POD became the ‘Technology, Internet & Controls Innovation of the Year 2016’ winner at the UK Energy Awards on Wednesday evening 30th November. The POD platform, a two-year development that enables cross-departmental collaboration between procurement, finance, sustainability, accounts and facilities, simplifying energy trading, budgeting, monitoring and […]


Energy Broker: November 2016 Market Report

November 2016 was a volatile month for energy prices across the spectrum; UK gas and power prices generally moving down after a multi-year peak during early November, whereas oil prices dipped before running up at the end of the month on various oil producer meetings. Market volatility was driven by both political and fundamental issues, […]


Energy Broker: October 2016 Market Report

Prices across the UK energy sector were bullish again during October 2016, despite a relatively stable oil price. The main drivers were concerns over supply, primarily for electricity, though a large shift in the weather forecasts from expectations of continued mild weather to a sharp drop to below seasonal normal temperatures supported the price levels […]

Energy Broker: September 2016 Market Report

Prices across the UK energy sector were generally bullish during September 2016 with some contracts touching highs not seen for several years. Annual contract price levels generally increased by close to 10%. Oil was also volatile during the month, partially due to improving fundamentals but primarily due to a strengthening in sentiment related to OPEC […]

New Energy and Water Software up for 3 Tech Awards

POD from Pulse Business Energy has been nominated for 3 technology awards in 2016: Innovation of the year: Processes and projects Innovation of the year: Technology internet & controls Smart product of the year Three years in the making and Pulse has developed in-house, with the help of their customers, a platform that bridges technology, […]

Smart Metering Update for Businesses and Homes

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and meet carbon targets, the UK government has committed to rolling out smart meters for businesses and homes across the country by the year 2020. A major energy infrastructure project in the UK, the Smart Metering Implementation Programme will see the replacement or upgrading of over 50 million […]

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Energy Broker: August 2016 Market Report

During August 2016 we saw some variation in market movement across the energy sector; oil generally moving up over the month though did finish August on a weaker tone, whereas UK gas and power generally moved down, albeit forward delivery dates only dropped a few percent compared to 10% for the first nearby month and […]