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Why should businesses use an energy broker?

Whether you are a Small/Medium size business or FTSE 100 company, a respectable and independent energy broker can prove to be valuable to your business. The growth in the energy market and complex regulations, have made it very complicated for companies to regulate their energy expenses, therefore hiring an energy broker has become a necessity […]

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RWE warns on UK energy policy

The German energy giant RWE, which owns the energy supplier npower has warned the government that it will significantly scale back its investment in Britain unless they provide desperately needed certainty over the energy policy. Paul Massara, npower chief executive and RWE’s UK representative, said: “I doubt that we will be investing the kind of […]

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Ofgem to reform the energy market

Ofgem has introduced reforms to make the energy market clearer and fairer for small businesses, the industry regulator is asking the Government for additional powers to take action against brokers misleading businesses about cheap energy deals. At the moment Ofgem has limited authority to prosecute brokers. The new powers would enable the regulator to take […]

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Energy reform doubts are holding back investors

The energy giants SSE have put pressure on the Government over its progress on energy reform, Ian Marchant, SSE’s outgoing chief executive said that 2012 had seen “continuing economic uncertainty and challenging energy market conditions” Read more… Image Credits: Howard Lake

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Citi to begin offering UK natural gas contracts in euros

Citi is launching a new product quoting UK natural gas contracts denominated in euros rather than British pounds. The product, aimed at European counter-parties active in the UK and continental gas and power markets, is designed to reduce the cost and administrative burden for traders, treasury departments and CFOs who are required to manage volatility in cash-flows […]