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Pulse and Nottingham Trams Nominated for Energy Buying Team of the Year 2017

Pulse along with Nottingham Express Transit (NET) have been nominated for Energy Buying team of the year 2017.   The award is based on Pulse and NET’s energy procurement between 2015 and 2018.   The case study below references the procurement strategy and its evolution over the period.   Managing Director Ben Dhesi commented:  “We are proud to […]


POD 2.0 – The future of energy management has arrived, again!

Download our POD Brochure – Pulse Business Energy Soon there will be two methods to manage your energy procurement, one method will be to trawl through time consuming and laborious spreadsheets and the other method is to simply use POD (Pulse Online Database). After the first launch of POD in 2014, it has re-invented itself in a big way. […]

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Is the Alberta Wildfire a Fukushima moment?

When it comes to energy prices it’s always the known unknown (that bad things eventually happen) that take us all by surprise.   It’s hard if not impossible to predict future energy prices.  Daily, weekly, monthly and longer term forecasts based on market fundamentals are at best only a theory based on “known” fundamental supply and demand […]


Pulse Win Energy Buyer of the Year 2015

It was refreshing to see a new entrant – and a modest-sized one at that – take centre stage at the 2015 Energy Awards writes Daniela Latini. In a category that included Npower and Utilitywise, Pulse Business Energy won the Best Buyer Award (in the retail market), surprisingly making it the first time a broker […]

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Navigating Energy Procurement

Securing energy contracts can be done through a number of ways. Directly, through public or private buying groups or through private sector brokers. At times, all can be seen as unattractive options. The procurement professionals do not historically have the niche expertise to manage the supply chain when it comes to buying energy so reliance […]

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Legal Tips to Control your Energy Broker

As the talk about regulation of energy brokers/consultants rages on it remains unclear when regulation will eventually arrive, the form it will take and who it will cover. Rather than wait for regulators businesses can take the initiative themselves by implementing some simple steps during the negotiating stage to avoid common pitfalls of energy tenders. […]

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Ask the Energy Broker: Will my electricity costs keep rising over the next 5 years?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The media like to latch onto this issue as a great opportunity for a negative news story, and their presumption is always yes. In reality however the answer is more complicated. Business and domestic users electricity users can gain better control of their energy costs and […]

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Energy Prices – To Freeze or Not To Freeze

During Labours Annual Party Conference in Brighton, the Labour Leader Ed Milliband announced that if Labour were to win the 2015 elections, he would freeze energy prices for 20 months to the end of 2017. He would also abolish the market regulator Ofgem and break up energy companies so they are unable to dominate wholesale […]