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POD 2.0 – The future of energy management has arrived, again!

Download our POD Brochure – Pulse Business Energy Soon there will be two methods to manage your energy procurement, one method will be to trawl through time consuming and laborious spreadsheets and the other method is to simply use POD (Pulse Online Database). After the first launch of POD in 2014, it has re-invented itself in a big way. […]

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Enforcing ESOS: Beyond Fines

There is much speculation surrounding the fines the Environment Agency has threatened to impose on organisations found to be non-compliant with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Indeed, interesting debates continue to swirl, including those around whether or not the EA’s non-compliance fines are a fair approach, and whether or not the fines will actually […]

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Seizing All Opportunities – Tapping into the Full Range of Benefits of ESOS

Ever since the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) came into force in July 2014, organisations and energy consultancies have been making the case that participants should focus on the ‘O’ in ESOS – Opportunity. And opportunity has largely referred to the opportunity to save money. Countless articles, blogs, and webinars have highlighted the scheme’s potential […]

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2 ways to view your ESOS assessment – which one will you choose?

One of the first questions I usually get when I sit down to talk with clients about ESOS (European Savings Opportunity Scheme) involves a completely different government scheme – the CRC energy efficiency scheme. It seems that any mention of new legislation like ESOS dredges up memories of the financial burden of the CRC. It […]

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Discover 7 ESOS fundamentals

Now several months on since the government’s new Energy Saving and Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) came into force, there is a growing buzz around the Scheme. Much of this buzz is fuelled by outreach from involved government agencies, such as the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Environment Agency. Indeed, as the government releases […]