Testimonials & Case Studies

“We chose Pulse because of their informative, independent and objective approach. Ben and his team put knowledge and analysis first and…his helpful approach established trust.”
Chief Executive, Pulse Business Energy Client

“I was relatively new to the purchasing of utilities just over three years ago; I was approached by Pulse Business Energy and took the decision to move from our existing company over to Pulse, a decision I have never regretted. I have had nothing but support and guidance from Pulse.

We have never had an issue in terms of total transparency and honesty when it comes to advising on the most cost effective route for the group, they have been patient and always happy to educate us in areas of weakness. I can honestly say they’ve earned every penny and have gone over and above their brief to help and support; us not to mention save us money and I hope that continues until a long time into the future.”
Procurement Manager, Pulse Business Energy Client

“We have employed the services of Pulse Business Energy for the procurement of energy contracts last 3 years. We have found their advice and support invaluable in the current volatile market.

“Pulse has recently demonstrated a sound understanding of both our industry and the energy market in delivering contracts that have benefited our organisation. We would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Pulse Business Energy for the procurement of energy to organisations similar to our own”
Business Development Manager, Pulse Business Energy Client

Case Study Example 1 – Usage Profiling

Data Analysis Reveals:

The energy usage begins to gear up at 9am and peaks at 9pm and begins to power down after midnight. This type of site usage profile does not lend itself to a standard day and night tariff . On renewal alternate “leisure” friendly tariffs should be sought:

Energy Usage Profiling Example 1


Use your profile data to find more suitable tariffs that reward you with better rates when you are busy.

Case Study Example 2 – Seasonal Profiling

Data Analysis Reveals:

This site is used seasonally so should immediately be removed from any group procurement strategies as the uneven profile could adversely affect the price for other sites using power more consistently.

Seasonal Energy Usage Profiling Example 2


Get unusual sites priced separately