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Energy Broker: May 2017 Market Report

Annual UK energy prices moved down then up within a 5% range during May 2017, ending the month slightly up by the end. The forward curves for rolling annual prices moved little reflecting little change in market structure and sentiment, despite an extension to the OPEC production agreement and UK General election jitters. The market […]

UK Wholesale Electricity Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: April 2017 Market Report

While UK energy prices appeared jumpy and volatile throughout April 2017, in reality the price range was relatively small, limited to a few percentage points either way, with annual prices ending down roughly 1-2% on the month. Crude oil prices were slightly more volatile but with the same end result, despite increasing rhetoric between USA […]

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Energy Broker: March 2017 Market Report

UK energy prices generally dropped over the month despite a small rally at the end of the month, prompted by nervousness in the oil market related to supply disruptions in Libya and further rhetoric in anticipation of an extension in the OPEC production cap in to the second half of the year. March was a […]

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Pulse becomes part of the Arrow Group

Pulse are pleased to announce that it is now part of the Arrow Business Communications Group. Arrow, headed by Chris Russell, specializes in telephony and IT solutions for businesses. It offers a diverse portfolio ranging from hosted telephony and mobiles through to mobile device management, telephone systems, IT services, voice and data connectivity. “We identified […]

UK Wholesale Electricity Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: February 2017 Market Report

Wholesale energy markets in the UK continued their uncertain feel during February 2017, though ultimately prices finished the month pretty much where they started or perhaps slightly lower. Whereas the gas and power forward curves for the rolling annual prices dropped slightly across the curve, maintaining their primarily power led backwardation, some weakening in sentiment […]

UK Wholesale Gas Prices - Pulse Business Energy

Energy Broker: January 2017 Market Report

Wholesale energy markets ended January 2017 slightly lower though were nevertheless reasonably volatile during the month, with prices generally moving in line with temperature variations and forecasts; the weather in the UK continues to flit between bitterly cold spells and milder above average temperature, whereas mainland Europe has been experiencing some very cold temperatures throughout […]


Energy Broker: December 2016 Market Report

Whereas spot/day-ahead prices remained volatile, during December 2016 energy prices in general moved higher though we did see a dip during the first half of the month. In fact, except for nearby power contracts, prices at the end of December 2016 reached contract highs for the year. Also of note is a general shift from […]

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Energy Market Outlook 2017

The key drivers that need to be considered when preparing a macro energy market outlook for the next couple of years include the potential impact of weather, renewable energy production, infrastructure development, supply fundamentals, energy storage, UK’s economic performance and political influences. I will briefly look at each of these in turn and then consider […]

POD Wins prestigious Tech Award at UK Energy Awards.

Leading the way in Tech for the Energy space POD became the ‘Technology, Internet & Controls Innovation of the Year 2016’ winner at the UK Energy Awards on Wednesday evening 30th November. The POD platform, a two-year development that enables cross-departmental collaboration between procurement, finance, sustainability, accounts and facilities, simplifying energy trading, budgeting, monitoring and […]