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Power to the Tenant

I recently worked for a tenant who wanted me to review their energy supply costs which they received via the landlord. In many shared building scenarios the landlord will control the energy procurement, and then re-bill the tenant. Generally where a fair sub-billing system can be set up (although this is not as easy as […]

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Energy Prices – To Freeze or Not To Freeze

During Labours Annual Party Conference in Brighton, the Labour Leader Ed Milliband announced that if Labour were to win the 2015 elections, he would freeze energy prices for 20 months to the end of 2017. He would also abolish the market regulator Ofgem and break up energy companies so they are unable to dominate wholesale […]

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Electricity Market Reform

The objective for the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is to ensure that the UK power supply and infrastructure is up to date in order to meet the energy needs in the years to come. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the need for EMR is crucial as around a fifth of […]

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What environmental charges does your energy bill comprise of?

A percentage of energy bills comprises of environmental charges, these charges are costs associated with schemes that are aimed at promoting efficient use of energy, reducing greenhouse gas as well as funding renewable energy generation. Environmental schemes that affect Industrial and Commercial companies include: Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs) The Renewables Obligation (RO) The Climate Change […]

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Data Center Power Contracts

The continuing demand for power within the datacenter industry has received significant amounts of press in recent years. Great technology and energy efficient practices has been implemented, however, power supplies and power supply contracts will still need to be in place for the likely life cycle of the modern datacenter. I am pleased therefore to […]

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Importance of trusting your energy broker

With a busy business the last thing you have time for is to worry about your energy costs and liaising with various suppliers and finding the best price to suit your budget is something most people like to outsource. But how do you pass over such a great responsibility to an Energy broker/ Consultant in […]

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Fixed or flexible energy contracts?

Fixed or flexible energy contracts? Many companies have no choice as traditionally flexible procurement is something that is reserved for the big energy users and not seen as an option for Mid Market energy users. However, we invite you to consider joining one of the UK’s best performing flexible buying contracts. As long as you […]

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Summer energy prices and the Great British weather

With the summer upon us, the question on our minds is will it be a wet and windy summer like last year with just a few days of good weather? Judging by the year we have had so far, 2013 isn’t looking like it will be an Indian summer. The reports and research we’ve seen […]

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

A Power Purchase agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between a seller (an electricity generator) and a buyer (normally a utility or large power buyer/trader). The contract can last anywhere from 5 years to 20 years and it usually deals with issues such as the rates for electricity to be charged and the economic incentives […]