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2018 Energy Market Analysis: Brexit and Challenges ahead

Several factors are influencing the 2018 energy market, demanding UK brokers to put-forward new strategies and practices. Expertise in the area will be a key element to guarantee savings on contract renewals.   This article was originally featured in The Energyst March’s Edition: The Energyst – March 2018 For many years prior to summer 2016, […]

Brexit Blog Series: Part 2 – Impact of Brexit on Energy Prices

I have spoken about Brexit on several occasions, both before and after the referendum and my view has remained unchanged in that it will create short term price volatility. In the longer term, unless Brexit causes a global recession, it may not be very significant and ultimately balance itself out. As we are fundamentally part […]

Brexit Blog Series: Part 1 – Energy Legislation and Government Schemes

Local and international laws and agreements have created a solid foundation for continuing the existing energy and carbon reduction agenda, post-Brexit. What remains to be seen, however, is which specific policies the Government will use to realize their commitments to carbon reduction. This is especially the case now that Theresa May’s Government has dismantled the […]