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New Electricity Meter? How to get power hassle-free!

Do you need help getting a New Meter Installation? So, you have your new mains connection, your buildings been renovated, and the finish line is almost in sight and you can open your doors and start trading! An exciting milestone!   But wait… you still need your new meter for the commercial gas or electricity. You […]

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Energy Market Outlook 2017

The key drivers that need to be considered when preparing a macro energy market outlook for the next couple of years include the potential impact of weather, renewable energy production, infrastructure development, supply fundamentals, energy storage, UK’s economic performance and political influences. I will briefly look at each of these in turn and then consider […]

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Smart Metering – The Truth About the UK’s 2020 Smart Metering Programme

Firstly, some facts about the Government’s smart metering programme: Yes the onus of the installation will be placed on the suppliers. The cost of the Smart Meters will still be paid by the customer to the supplier (through the bill). The biggest risk, which is yet to be 100% resolved, is that a Smart Meter […]

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Unidentified gas charges explained!

In some cases when gas enters the national supply, it is not correctly attributed to the right consumer; this instance is commonly referred to as ‘Unidentified Gas’. Unidentified Gas is also known as Unallocated Gas within the gas industry may be caused by a number of factors including theft of gas by end users and […]

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Citi to begin offering UK natural gas contracts in euros

Citi is launching a new product quoting UK natural gas contracts denominated in euros rather than British pounds. The product, aimed at European counter-parties active in the UK and continental gas and power markets, is designed to reduce the cost and administrative burden for traders, treasury departments and CFOs who are required to manage volatility in cash-flows […]

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Early January 2013: Gas and Electricity market update

Electricity Despite the instability in the global energy markets, Power prices in the long term have remained surprisingly stable. However in recent months the unseasonably mild weather has reduced demand across Western Europe which has resulted in fallen power prices. For example, April 13, the annual UK power slipped beneath £51/MWh (Over the last year […]

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Early December 2012 Energy Market Report

Electricity Prices have moved up then down over the past few weeks. Interestingly prices in Germany are at their lowest every level and the German electricity market usually acts as a benchmark for the rest of Europe. Wholesale-Electricity-Prices-Dec-2012 Gas The UK has strong supplies compared to this time last year yet prices are overall up […]