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Energy Broker Fees

Energy broker fees are currently a hot topic with energy brokers, energy suppliers and Ofgem all keen to see a greater level of transparency in the energy market as a whole.

Pulse is wholly owned by our Management Team, and we often find that this means our charges are much lower than the bigger energy brokers in the market who have higher overheads and shareholder returns to maintain.

There is no cost for us to present our energy broker and consultancy services to you, which includes an overview of how we can help to validate your energy bills, manage energy demand, assist with behavioural change projects or complete energy audits for ESOS, CCA, CRC schemes.

Depending on the mix of services you would like us to deliver, your energy requirements and the most effective procurement strategy for your business (for example fixed or flexible) we will then submit a clear proposal and price. The value we add to your energy buying and management processes is substantially higher than our fees.

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