Energy Broker LOA

Letter of Authority | Pulse Business EnergyEnergy Broker Letter of Authority documents should be clear and simple, and should not include any words or phrases that give you cause for concern when instructing a broker to review or manage your energy supply.

You can download our own Energy Broker Letter of Authority as a Word document which expressly states:

“For the avoidance of doubt this letter does not authorise Pulse Business Energy Ltd to enter into new supply agreements on our behalf. All such agreements must be signed by a duly authorised representative of this company.”

All Letters of Authority should include a similar statement, and under no circumstances should you sign a Letter of Authority that gives your energy broker the authority to sign anything or enter into any agreements with other third parties on your behalf.

If you are presented which a letter that asks you to allow this do not sign the Letter of Authority under any circumstances. It is also advisable to contact the company that presented you with the agreement in writing stating that under no circumstances would you sign the letter.

Unfortunately there are still some rogue companies in the energy market – much as any other – that attempt to lock customers into 3 year agreements that earn both the energy suppliers and the energy broker significantly inflated sums.

If you have been sent any agreement documents that you feel uncomfortable with, please get in touch for some free advice on the legality and obligations of the agreement.

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