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Pulse gives you access to Stark’s powerful energy performance reporting system to help you reduce energy waste, cut costs and lower emissions.

With the cost of energy rising continuously, we are all looking for ways to make savings, not least large companies with substantial energy budgets. We know that small changes can make big savings, which is why we offer our customers free access to Stark – a powerful online energy performance reporting system.

Stark’s energy usage reports provide you with a comprehensive, feature-rich, online reporting service. Because it’s only by closely monitoring your energy use that you can start to see where waste is occurring.

Motivate your organisation to save energy

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Stark’s multi-site comparison reports will enable you to rank the energy performance of all buildings in your portfolio. Plus Stark’s clear visual language imparts key performance information to non-energy professionals in a simple and meaningful way.

Stark Reports enable you to:

View and analyse all your half-hourly meter data through Stark reports
From these reports you can detect and eliminate energy waste
Gain both a detailed and broad picture of where, how much and when your organisation is using energy – across all utilities
Present these reports to other interested parties in your company
Easily create targets for every site to reduce energy consumption which will reduce your overall energy cost
We can provide you with Stark reports at intervals that range from once a month to once a day
From Stark, the utility suppliers will be sent the meter data they require so they can send you bills based on actual usage. No more estimates!
Stark can collect data from every OFGEM approved advanced or smart meter
As Stark are independent, they can guarantee continuity of your data, irrespective of the supplier you choose and the change of supplier process
Stark integrate data from any meters irrespective of who installed, operates or owns them, so you get a comprehensive view of all your energy data

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