Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Consultancy Services

Whether you are in a CCA and need help with reporting, or you would like assistance with your initial application, our consultancy services can offer a fully managed and outsourced solution for a fraction of the administrative costs. We can provide:

  1. Eligibility consultation;
  2. Review and creation of supporting documentation including 70/30 analysis;
  3. Target Period Reporting;
  4. Advice on any overlapping legislation such as EU ETS and CRC;
  5. Changes to your CCA as your organisation evolves.

Our consultancy services are designed to ensure:

  • You achieve the maximum cost savings the CCA allows
  • You continue to successfully meet the requirements of the scheme
  • You use CCA targets to drive efficiency and thus savings in your organisation year on year

Get in touch

To discuss how Pulse Business Energy could help with CCA administration or planning please contact Ben Dhesi, Managing Director on 0333 7000 250.

Alternatively just complete our enquiry form¬†and we’ll call you back within 1 working day.