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Energy Budget Management

Over 80% of all energy budgets are inaccurate and don’t support the businesses they serve, which will increasingly play a huge part in the success and failure of companies (and the success or failure of the departments and personnel responsible for them).

“Budgeting is not just a ledger activity, it should also be used to identify excellence in performance.”

James O. Mckinsey (Founder of Mckinsey & Co.)

Effective financial energy planning and budgeting requires:

  1. A thorough analysis of the costs and usage of energy incurred through energy supply contracts and through taxation schemes like the CRC
  2. Coordination of the energy budget throughout the business as a whole
  3. Preparation of budgeting reporting data that shows estimated and actual budget performance
  4. Strategic and skilful budget management to deliver costs below the predicted budget each year

Our energy cost consultancy services will help you in all of these areas.

We provide budgeting software tools and bespoke energy budget spreadsheets that analyse cost year on year and show which sections of your budgets have increased/decreased each year. For instance we will chart government levies in previous years against current years to show you how they compare and where the risks to your business are.

Our budgeting and management data has received Board-level recognition and commendation from businesses in a wide range of industries.

Energy Bill Validation - Pulse Business Energy

Gas and Electricity Bill Validation

We understand the administrative burden that checking and confirming energy invoices are accurate can bring to a business. Billing errors can occur for many reasons but ultimately this can cost businesses thousands of pounds every year. Various factors make up an invoice, and due to the complexity of these components overcharging can occur.

Our experienced team use our bespoke software to evaluate supplier invoices, investigating any errors and making sure that the total amount billed, matches with the contracted rates and the expected consumption. As part of our service we produce a monthly billing report, outlining any miscalculations and overcharges shall be recovered from the relevant parties.

We can go back as far as six years to identify any overcharging and provide you with further reimbursements from the suppliers if billing errors have been made.

Benefits of using Pulse bill validation services

  • Avoid paying bills that have already been settled
  • Costs charged in error are identified and recovered
  • Identify corrections or previous errors and issues
  • Ensure the information on invoices are consistent with your contracted rates
  • Discover errors in meter readings, consumption, demand and any other areas that make up the total cost
  • Save valuable administrative time as we liaise with the energy suppliers with any queries, problems or issues on your behalf

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