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Metering Management

We provide management services for gas and electricity supplies and metering, our dedicated team will make sure that we work to your timescales and ensure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Project Management Services include:

  • New Connections: we manage and implement new connection work ranging from gas mains to electricity 3 phase supplies and will accelerate the process through our knowledge of the utilities market.
  • Metering: depending on whether you need your meter installed, relocated, removed or upgraded, it will be accomplished to your specific needs. We can arrange for this to be completed in conjunction with your outlet work.
  • Disconnections: we can arrange for GIRS and Gas Safe engineers to disconnect old supplies and make the workplace safe for other contractors within weeks of requests.

Smart Metering (AMR)

Smart Meters are sophisticated meters introduced to replace existing gas and electricity meters. They measure your exact gas and electricity usage, and send the information back to your energy supplier. This therefore cuts the need for estimated bills and manual meter readings.

How can Smart Meters benefit your business?

  • Energy bills will reflect your actual consumption and will not be based on monthly estimations, helping businesses forecast and budget expenditure
  • Greater insight into business energy usage can result in a more informed energy buying decisions.
  • Detailed information about energy usage can identify opportunities for energy saving
  • Energy efficiency improvements can be identified in buildings and equipment
  • Carbon emissions can be reduced in line with international obligations

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Shipperless Meters

A “Shipperless Meter” is a meter that has been installed at a business, but has not been allocated an MPAN or MPR number; therefore businesses don’t know who their supplier is and consume energy without ever being billed. It is vital that an MPAN or MPR number is created as soon as possible as suppliers and meter reading companies have begun carrying out nationwide inspections to locate shipperless meters. Upon detection, supplier can seek to charge up to 6 years of backdated electricity or gas bills even if there was no fault on your part. Early detection of shipperless meters can significantly reduce the charges incurred as there are legal arguments that can be raised to reduce your liability. Using our extensive experience and industry contracts, we can negate the impact of shipperless supplies.

Unmetered Electricity

An Unmetered Electricity supply is any electronic current and is connected to the Distribution Network without a meter recording its energy consumption.  Street lights, traffic equipment (signals, controls, monitoring) and advertising signs consume the biggest volume of unmetered electricity. Unmetered Electricity costs are calculated by calculating the annual burn hours and annual wattage of an unmetered piece of electrical equipment. From this we can accurately estimate the annual kwh and obtain a certificate from the Network in your area. Using the certificate we can purchase your Unmetered Electricity using our fixed energy procurement strategies. We also liaise with Networks to set up new Unmetered and Metered connections in the most cost effective and timely manner.


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