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Energy Procurement - Pulse Business EnergyEnergy procurement services from Pulse Business Energy can protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices.

Our team of energy brokers take time to fully understand your needs, then compare business gas and electricity prices and quotes from a range of business energy suppliers. We evaluate all quotes and legal contract terms in detail to ensure we recommend the best deal for your business – not just the best price.

“Pulse Business Energy goes further than other energy brokers by completing forensic tendering of the non-commodity charges included in your contract making sure your energy contract is fair with a free legal review of the energy supplier’s proposed contract terms”
Mark Stevenson, Managing Director – Energy 4 Education

Easily compare business energy tariffs

Our energy procurement service offers an easy and hassle-free way to compare business energy prices from a range of gas and electricity suppliers. If your business needs a new gas or electricity contract or your current contract is coming up for renewal, give us a call or come and meet our team for an informal chat about how we can help and free, no obligation procurement advice.

Our process includes:

  • Taking time to fully understand your energy requirements and usage profile
  • Sourcing a range of energy quotes and products from the big six and specialist business energy suppliers
  • Honest advice to help you compare different business energy tariffs
  • Thorough evaluation of non-commodity charges and government taxes
  • A legal review of your supplier’s proposed contract terms
  • Validation of your recent bills against your actual energy consumption
  • Determine which energy products are most appropriate for your business and explaining the differences between our Fixed, Fixed+, Flexible and Basket energy contracts
Fixed Energy Tariffs
Basket Energy Plans
Flexible Energy Contracts

Our Fixed Price Energy Tariffs protect your business from unexpected energy price increases, and guarantees you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.

Our Basket Energy Plans give businesses with lower volume energy requirements the opportunity to group buy with similar Pulse clients.

Our Flexible Energy Contracts allow our clients to reduce energy costs by taking advantage of changing market conditions,  spreading energy procurement decisions throughout the contract term.

Energy procurement specialists for HH Meters

We can reduce the size of the average business energy bill your energy costs through a range of energy procurement strategies subject to your annual energy consumption.

For half-hourly clients on our flexible energy plan, Pulse Business Energy trading analysts use Spectron Trading screens to constantly monitor changes and price trends in the UK wholesale energy market, and use this information combined with their energy buying experience to determine the best time to buy your energy each month.

Pulse wins the Energy Buying Team of the Year 2017

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