Fixed Price Energy Tariffs

Fixed Energy Contracts - Pulse Business EnergyOur Fixed Price Energy Plans protect your business from unexpected energy price increases, and guarantee you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract. With fixed price gas and electricity, the price agreed today remains constant over the lifetime of the contract – which in most cases is 1, 2 or 3 years.

Please note that your energy consumption must remain within the agreed contracted level, or penalties from the energy suppliers may be applied. We can advise you free of charge on your most-likely future energy requirements to make sure your contract accommodates your needs.

Pulse Fixed+ Energy

Pulse Fixed Energy Tariffs can be converted to Fixed+ contracts. Fixed+ contracts still offer fixed gas and electricity prices, but if the energy market price drops we can renegotiate a lower priced energy contract on your behalf.

Pulse Fixed Price Energy is appropriate for businesses that:

  • Have a small to medium level of business energy consumption
  • Want a simple and easy to manage contract
  • Are risk averse and want budget certainty
  • Want to reduce their exposure to price volatility in the energy market
  • Have a poor credit rating

Our 3-Step Approach

1. Research

All of our clients have unique requirements, so to make sure we source the best business energy deal for you, we start by understanding your specific needs.

2. Market Intelligence

Timing is critical in securing the right fixed price energy contract. Our trading team use Spectron Trading screens to monitor the current activity in the market, which combined with historical price data and our experience determines the best time to buy.

3. Analysis and Negotiation

Our strong relationships with business energy suppliers means we can negotiate great prices and contract terms and secure the best deal for you.

Get in touch

To find out how Pulse Business Energy can negotiate a simple, fixed price energy contract for your business please call Ben Dhesi, Managing Director on 0333 7000 250.

Alternatively just complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back within 1 working day.