Flexible Energy Contracts

Pulse Flexible Energy Contracts
allow our clients to reduce energy costs by taking advantage of changing market conditions,  spreading energy procurement decisions throughout the contract term.

Flexible Energy Contracts - Pulse Business EnergyWhen long-term gas and electricity prices are inflated, we work collaboratively with our clients to devise a flexible energy procurement strategy based on purchasing in 1, 2,3,4,5 or 6-month instalments. This allows you buy at a better price by taking advantage of dips in the market.

This flexible energy procurement strategy can reduce your exposure to the risks associated with long-term energy contracts, particularly when long-term prices peak artificially.

Pulse flexible energy purchasing contracts also give you the option to fix into long-term rates if and when prices fall to target levels that work well for your planned energy budget.

Pulse Flexible Energy is appropriate for businesses that:

  • Consume higher levels of energy and require greater control of over their energy buying decisions
  • Would like to take advantage of favourable market prices and are open to taking risks that can lead to much lower energy bills than you may have obtained through a fixed price energy contract
  • Would also like to improve their awareness of the market and their consumption, and value price transparency

Our 3-Step Approach

1. Research

All of our clients have unique requirements, so to make sure we source the best business energy deal for you, we start by understanding your specific needs.

2. Market Intelligence

Our trading team use Spectron Trading screens to monitor the current activity in the market, which combined with historical price data and our experience determines the best time to buy.

3. Analysis and Negotiation

Our strong relationships with business energy suppliers means we can negotiate great prices and contract terms and secure the best deal for you.

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