Basket Energy Plan

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The Pulse Basket Energy Plan gives businesses with lower volume energy requirements the opportunity to group-buy with similar Pulse clients.

This is a managed service delivered by the Pulse Business Energy team, who trade the total basket requirement on the wholesale market on a flexible basis – which drives down energy costs for all clients.

Pulse Basket Energy is appropriate for businesses that:

  • Would like to take advantage of the benefits of Pulse Flex, but do not consume sufficient energy volumes to trade flexibly on their own
  • Would like to increase their purchasing power to access to more competitive energy contracts

Our 3-Step Approach

1. Research

All of our clients have unique requirements, so to make sure we source the best business energy deal for you, we start by understanding your specific needs.

2. Market Intelligence

Our trading team use Spectron Trading screens to monitor the current activity in the market, which combined with historical price data and our experience determines the best time to buy.

3. Analysis and Negotiation

Our strong relationships with business energy suppliers means we can negotiate great prices and contract terms and secure the best deal for you.

Get in touch

To find out if you may be eligible to join one of our basket energy plans please call Ben Dhesi, Managing Director on 0333 7000 250.

Alternatively just complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back within 1 working day.