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Award winning features

A truly 360° approach to utility management.
Fast, automated and paperless.

Bills, contracts, rates, budgets, reminders. POD automatically keeps all paperwork in one place, with simple menu structures so you can easily find whatever you need.

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Pulse Online Database

Everything in one place

  • Energy and Water Bills
  • Contracts
  • MOP and AMR Documentation
  • Stark Consumption Reports
  • Billing Spreadsheets
  • Budget and Trading Reports
  • KVA Analysis
  • DEC
  • Duos Charges
  • LOA
  • Market Pulse Report
  • Management
POD Brochure

POD Brochure

Avoid the hassle of managing business utilities with POD​

POD is free to all Pulse customers and it reduces time spent on managing utilities by 90%*.

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Pulse Online Database

Easily manage multiple sites and meters

  • Full view of contract and meter details
  • Information available
  • Start/End Dates
  • Contract Consumption
  • Meter details
  • Rates
  • Contract trail
  • Usage Chart
  • Forecast Chart
  • Documents
Pulse Online Database

Renewal Timeline

A clear timeline that shows when your contracts are due for renewal:

  • Avoid the dangers of out of contract rates by having a constant reminder of when your current contracts expire
  • POD will clearly display renewal dates and you will be able to track all progress from sign-up through to renewals.
Pulse Online Database

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting Tool

  • This means budgets are updated each month rather than reconciled once a year at year end.
  • This can be done on a utility basis or alternatively you can select all or several to show for budgets for whole portfolio or partial portfolio depending on how many meters are selected.
  • Choose a date range to view a breakdown of your current charges and a forecast of your future charges
  • You will be provided with a budget using Half-Hourly data, POD generates budgets across all utilities.
Pulse Online Database

Trading Tool

Trading Options

  • The trading graph shows when Pulse purchased and how those decisions performed in the market.
  • Forecasted and Fixed Volumes Graph shows how much energy has been bought at any given time and what is left to buy.
  • Market to Market Position shows the purchased positions in comparison to the market.
Pulse Online Database

On Demand - Live Usage Reports

Live Data:

  • Data you can trust from the top-performing independent data collector and integrator.
  • Change how your organisation uses energy with our engaging multi platform reporting tools
  • View and analyse all your half hourly meter data through On Demand reports.
  • From these reports you can detect and eliminate energy waste and gain both a detailed and broad picture of where, how much and when your organisation uses energy - across all utilities.
  • There are hundreds of reports to review and each one is accessible on demand in POD.
Chart Energy Consumption
Pulse Online Database

Regional Access View

Control access to you data:

  • You can roll out POD and energy management to your whole company and give special access to individual users.
  • Regional View allows you to set up groups of meters and contracts so that each regional site manager is presented with just the data relevant to their region or site.

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Contact us to receive a FREE  demo and learn how POD can help your business.