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Industrial and Commercial

In 2013 Pulse were the only broker between 20-40 staff to be nominated for the I&C Most Innovative and I&C Most Trusted awards by Energy Live News. This is a reflection of our skills and willingness to push the accepting boundaries when it comes to energy procurement for large I&C customers, for whom we are a 1-stop-shop, offering the following services:

  1. Overview of legal terms and condition for each supplier
  2. Baseload optimisation to ensure your shape gets the best value
  3. Management of the wholesale purchasing / risk management strategy
  4. Budget modelling and bill validation
  5. Web portal access to market information, bills and energy usage reports

Why should you ask Pulse to present our services to you?

  • Our presentation aims to educate potential customers on relevant energy procurement strategies, not just sell our services
  • Our perspective as a broker – working with many clients and energy suppliers means we can provide great insight into the market
  • We will share and discuss the financial threats and commercial opportunities that your energy strategy should prepare for over the next 5-10 years
  • We will leave you with a good understanding of how an energy broker can add value, but in a better position to purchase your energy direct should you decide that this is best for your business

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