Legal Sector

Founded by a Solicitor in 2007, Pulse are trusted by law firms and barristers chambers to manage their energy contracts.

Lawyers Against Climate Change - Pulse Business EnergyLawyers Against Climate Change (LACC)

In 2014 we launched a programme called Lawyers Against Climate Change (LACC) to reduce the carbon footprints of law firms and barristers chambers throughout the UK.

Law firms have high carbon footprints per employee . LACC have negotiated the option of up to 50 MW hours of renewable electricity in 2014 with leading energy companies for UK law firms and barristers chambers. The aim is to move the legal sector away from traditional brown electricity supply contracts to support de-carbonisation and the renewables industry.

The benefits of joining include:

Reduce Co2:

For every 50 partner firm over 7,000,000 1 litre boiled kettles Co2 emissions are saved

Go Green:

LACC participants will have their names published in The Lawyer and will receive renewable credentials for their offices and CSR projects